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Alchemy, at its root, is transformation of the self. 

The world has changed and so has your personal health and wellness needs. Your health is the most valuble asset you own. It's time to invest in You.  All services are by appointment only, with no public access.  Start your transformation today by booking your Welcome Tour.  

“I’m a single parent and work full time, I don’t have the time or money to lose weight and get in shape.”

Excuses like these are easy to use when it comes to our own weight loss goals. In reality it takes discipline and effort to balance out dance practice, work meetings, baseball pictures, healthy meals and workouts on a daily basis.  


Our VIP Erin, has heard all the excuses and has proven that dedication and commitment are worth all the effort. Erin originally started with personal training to strengthen her muscles and accelerate her weight loss like most, as she lost weight she was amazed how our specialized flexibility training tightened and firmed her loose skin in specific areas that had rapid weight loss.  Erin makes no excuses when it comes to her commitment to practicing true self love and you can see that within her transformation. 

High performance sports coaching can be a game changer for athletes.

Congratulations to our VIP Jake. 

Jake recently qualified for Regional Future Stars Scout Day in Tennessee. 

The high performance sports coaching along with strength and flexibility sessions has improved his performance and helped Jake gain an invitation to Future Stars Scout Day at the age of 13. 

Our athlete-centered coaching style and one-on-one personalized sessions separate you from the competition. Our coaches build confidence and help set realistic goals while teaching the athlete their specific skill with a heavy dose of flexibility training for injury prevention. 

Flexibility in the Mind and Body are Ageless and Magic

Congratulations to our VIP Dot, Dot set a personal goal to finish 1st in her age group at Dawes Arboretum’s 5K, 5 years in a row. She started her journey originally  to lose weight, and lost 55 lbs working out two times a week in her late 70’s. 


Dot is the example that it's never too late to start something new. She is still goal setting and has asked to add boxing to her training skills. She enjoys playing pickleball and walking everyday and knows that her training has improved her range of motion, strength and flexibility and stamina at 80. 

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